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Crisis Services Success Story

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Prior to Pauline and her children entering shelter, she was hesitant to say she was experiencing abuse. Her partner video recorded much of daily life in the house and would review the videos to point out what was wrong with Pauline’s behavior. Although she was hesitant to consider this abuse, what she did know was she and her children did not feel safe.

When they moved into shelter, one of the children was very afraid of the security cameras. It took time and much caring and patience, but staff were able to dissuade the child’s fears. Pauline and her children ultimately were able to feel safe and Pauline worked diligently to become self-sufficient. After only a couple of months, Pauline began divorce proceedings and moved her family to another town to begin anew in a transitional housing program.

She recently had contact with her advocate and shared she is working a professional job that she loves, and the kids are happy and healthy and doing great in school. She also said, “Had it not been for SOS services, I doubt I’d be where I’m at now, self-sufficient and working. It’s kind of amazing.”
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