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SOS Annual Holiday Drive

What is the SOS Holiday Drive?
Each winter, SOS helps to collect basic needs and gifts for our clients and their families prior to Christmas while keeping their identity completely confidential. Our clients can be adults or children who have experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, human trafficking, child abuse or neglect.

We need your help!
The stress of the holiday season can often bring additional challenges for families and individuals who need our services as they are trying to heal from trauma and rebuild. SOS hopes to help make the holidays a little brighter by partnering with community members willing to “adopt” a family or individual by purchasing gifts from their wish list. Thanks to the generosity of our community, SOS was able to provide 115 individuals with gifts last year!

What are examples of basic needs?
Some of the basic needs might include a winter coat, hat, gloves, hygiene items, clothing, and s

hoes. Some of our clients left their home with nothing and are starting over in a new location. In these situations, they might need some larger items including bedding, towels, small appliances, pots and pans, and gift cards for food and gas. If there is a baby or small child, they might need diapers, a car seat, or portable crib.

What are other ways to help?
There are many ways to help our clients and help to support our programs. We have compiled a list of ideas here:

​I want to help! What is the next step?
If you are interested in helping us this holiday season, simply email or call 620-343-8799. For more information, you can visit our website:

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