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Domestic Violence Success Story

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

SOS staff members met with a donor and friend who shared this story with us.

Their daughter was out of state in college. They discovered she was in a domestic violence relationship and living with her abuser. They had wondered but didn’t realize how bad the situation had gotten until they were out of state on vacation.

They received a panic phone call from her. They didn’t know how to help. They called one of our SOS staff members for help. SOS located a domestic violence organization online that could help, calmed them down and gave them the strength they needed to proceed.

The daughter was in a lease and didn’t know what to do among all the other things she was facing. Luckily her Dad told her, pack a bag & get out. We can figure out the lease later.

This young lady is fortunate to have such caring parents who were willing to provide whatever help was needed. Being 12 hours from her was excruciating for them. Caring members from the daughter’s church came and helped to move her out in short order and thankfully, they all got the help they needed.

Their story is so classic and yet has such a happy ending.

We believe this young lady’s story will be able to help others as she heals.

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