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Child Visitation & Exchange Center Success Story

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

A family was self-referred to the Child Visitation & Exchange Center for supervised visitation services in July 2019. An adoptive parent contacted the CVEC to see if they would qualify for CVEC’s services. The adoptive mother (Residential Parent) stated that the biological father (Non-Residential Parent) had his parental rights terminated a little over a year ago as he struggled with sobriety from substance abuse.

During the intake, the adoptive mother stated that the biological father recently successfully completed probation that included Drug Court. She stated she would like her son to stay connected to his biological family and his heritage/culture, as the father is Hispanic, and the adoptive mother is not. The CVEC Director informed the adoptive mother that self-referrals are accepted. Both parties completed intakes and bi-monthly supervised visitation services have taken place thus far with no issues.

The adoptive mother stated that she is pleased that this resource is available in her community, as she stated she believes it is important for her adoptive son to stay connected to his biological family in a safe, neutral setting.
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