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SOS Strong

2023 SOS Strong Campaign


Most men are not violent in their relationships; however, SOS believes a single aggressor is one too many. With this in mind, SOS Strong was established to reach everyday men and people of all masculine genders who are unsure how to help and therefore remain silent in the face of violence. The SOS Strong Ambassadors chosen are willing to step forward, advocate, and be committed to breaking that silence.

SOS Strong is an annual fundraiser that began in 2015 to highlight positive role models for our youth and the community. Far too often, men are portrayed as stereotypical abusers, controllers, and runaway fathers but we know that anyone can be a victim, ally, or supporter. SOS believes it is important that our community recognizes that abuse is everyone’s problem. 

When we are strong in character, so are our families, schools, and communities. In the SOS Strong Campaign, men and people of all masculine genders are featured who display leadership, community

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engagement and dedication to helping SOS stop domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking, child abuse, and neglect. These Ambassadors represent SOS by helping bring awareness to these crucial issues and by raising $1,000 each to support SOS programs.


Each SOS Strong Ambassador has taken a pledge to: lead by example, never blame victims, be a positive up-stander rather than a willing bystander, not engage in any acts of violence, stand up for someone in need and always use their voice to speak up for what is right.

  • Aaron Armitage

  • Larry Bess

  • JD Chanley

  • Jeremy Dorsey

  • Tracy Edwards

  • Brogy Giesen

  • Sgt. Marcial Hernandez

  • Jason Hoelting

  • Tom Johnson

  • Brian Jones

  • Mic McGuire

  • Kory Mitchell

  • Joe Reed

  • Nik Roth

  • Rolland Trahoon

2023 SOS Strong Ambassadors

Thank You!

to Kat and Tamir Zuckerman for matching the first $5000 raised

Ways to Donate


Please type the Ambassador's name in the "In Honor Of" field (instructions below)

  •       Donate via Venmo (@SOS-CVEC)

Please include the Ambassador's name​

  • Give funds to the Ambassador

  • Mail or deliver a check or cash to SOS 

   1420 C of E Drive, Emporia

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Donate From June 15 to July 20, 2023

How to Donate Online

To donate toward an SOS Strong Ambassador’s goal, click the "Donate" button and type in the name of the SOS Strong Ambassador in the "In Honor Of" field.

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For questions, please contact us at 620-343-8799 or by emailing

2023 SOS Strong Ambassadors
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