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The Apathy Effect

SOS is excited to partner with Emporia State University THRIVE (The Healthy Relationship & Interpersonal Violence Education program) to bring the Apathy Effect exhibit to Emporia State University! This 3-day exhibit will be free and open to the public Tuesday, April 27th from 9 am-7 pm, Wednesday, April 26th from 9 am-7 pm and Thursday, April 27th from 9 am-5 pm in the ESU Memorial Union, Preston Room.

Human trafficking involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion in exchange for labor, services, or a commercial sex act. Human trafficking and child exploitation can happen at any time to anyone. Millions of children and adults are bought and sold each year for the purpose of forced labor or sexual exploitation.

The Apathy Effect exhibit immerses the audience in stories of resilient young survivors of human trafficking and the response of everyday people who were ignited with empathy when confronted by exploitation and the apathy that fuels it. This educational exhibit ignites empathy and empowers participants with a response to issues of exploitation. The multimedia journey is told through original film, photography, and genuine artifacts with either self-guided or small group interactive tours available.

Please join us in raising awareness and putting an end to human trafficking and child exploitation. For more information visit: If you would like to sign up for a small group tour, please register here: If you would prefer a self-guided tour, you may sign up when you arrive at the exhibit. Masks and social distancing will be required for everyone’s safety.

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