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6th Annual SOS Strong Campaign

While most men are not violent in their relationships, SOS believes a single aggressor is one too many. With this in mind, “SOS Strong” was established to build lasting relationships and improve community awareness. “SOS Strong” is a team of men from our community dedicated to helping SOS stop domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. These men represent SOS by helping bring awareness to these important issues and by raising $1,000 each to support SOS programs. This all-male fundraiser was founded to highlight positive role models and break the stereotype of all men being abusers, controllers or runaway fathers. This campaign also highlights the importance of children gaining reassurance and guidance from caring, compassionate men so they can learn and develop positive behaviors during their childhood years. The community, as a whole, needs to see that abuse is not just a female’s problem - it is everyone’s problem and together we can prevent future violence. SOS Strong will run from 6/22/2020 to 7/22/2020. We are excited to announce the SOS Strong Ambassadors for 2020:

  • Anton Sandoval

  • Aswad Allen

  • BJ Bayer

  • Carlos Garate

  • Chris Mullins

  • Corey Linton

  • Ed Owens

  • Grant Swanson

  • Greg Bachman

  • Jeremy Johns

  • Jesse Knight

  • Jon Geitz

  • Mike Roney

  • Roger Heineken

  • Scott Hannon

  • Tagan Trahoon

  • Tyler Schmidt

Each “SOS Strong” Ambassador has taken a pledge to lead by example, never blame victims, be a positive up-stander rather than a willing bystander, not engage in any acts of violence, stand-up for someone in need and always use his voice to speak-up for what is right. When men are strong in character and lead by conviction, so are our families, our schools and our streets. We thank these men for their commitment to helping eradicate domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and encourage everyone to support their ongoing efforts.

To donate toward an SOS Strong Ambassador’s goal, click the "Donate" button and type in the name of the SOS Strong Ambassador in the "In Honor Of" field. You may also make a donation by mailing a check made payable to SOS to PO Box 1191 Emporia (or delivered in person to 618 Mechanic). Please write the name of the SOS Strong Ambassador in the memo field.

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