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2020 SOS Strong Success

Our 6th Annual SOS Strong Campaign has come to an end and we are so proud of what these individuals have accomplished. This month-long campaign started on June 22nd and ended July 22, 2020. Traditionally, we have 20 up-standing men from our service area agree to join us in raising awareness about our services and $1,000 each to support our SOS programs. This year, the coronavirus pandemic created new obstacles for everyone; however, 16 local men still stepped up to this challenge.

Despite the added barriers, these men found unique and successful ways to connect with friends, family, neighbors, community members and alumni. They were active on social media, partnered with local businesses, were interviewed by local papers and were aired on the radio. They created and promoted their own events, raffles, a lemonade stand, a golf

tournament, a marathon, a beard shave and more to get people excited and involved in their initiative. Their efforts brought in donations not only from Kansas, but from multiple states and even overseas!

SOS staff are so very grateful for the selfless efforts of these distinguished men and for their support. We are excited to share that this year we raised a record-breaking $40,617- in addition to raising an invaluable amount of public awareness for our clients in need of services. Each of these 16 men have earned our respect and gratitude but in the spirit of a friendly competition, we have also awarded the following: Fastest To Raise $1,000: Tagan Trahoon, Most Money Raised: Roger Heineken ($10,581.64) and Most Creative Way To Raise Money: Anton Sandoval.

Although the goal of this annual campaign is to raise financial support for SOS programs, the lasting impact is so much more than that. SOS Strong is about reminding people in our communities, that leaders come in all shapes, sizes, professions and income levels. True leaders thrive by uniting together to strive for a better tomorrow - knowing their actions speak louder than words. SOS Strong is also about reaching a different audience, sharing information with those that need help and educating others about the impact that SOS has in our communities.

We are so grateful for everyone who participated and supported this campaign. We are overwhelmed with the generosity and we could not do this without the support of our neighbors. Thank you!

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