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It's that time of the year –
Our Annual Holiday Drive Has Begun!
We need your help!

The stress of the holiday season can often bring additional challenges for families and individuals who have been affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, or neglect. SOS hopes to make the holidays a little brighter by partnering with community members willing to “adopt” a family/individual by providing basic needs and gifts for the holidays. Your gifts will help individuals and families in Lyon, Chase, Coffey, Morris, and Osage counties.

Who will I be helping?

Families/individuals are eligible to complete a wish list if they have worked with SOS consistently in the last three months and do not qualify for assistance from the Salvation Army. This process is completely confidential to keep our clients and their families safe. Anyone is eligible to be matched with a family/individual to help provide gifts.


What is the process?

When you choose to adopt a family, you will receive a copy of the “wish list” they have filled out with the help of their SOS advocate. The list will include their basic needs, genders, ages, sizes, and some of their favorite things.​ If you feel we have found you a good match then you can begin your holiday shopping. If it isn't a good match, we will do our best to find a list that is a better fit for you.

Please call our office at 620-343-8799 to schedule your appointment prior to delivering the unwrapped gifts. We need all gifts at our SOS Community Advocacy and Service Complex located at 1420 C of E Drive in Emporia prior to December 15th. We appreciate getting the donations as soon as possible to ensure we can get them to families prior to Christmas.

What are examples of basic needs?

Some of the basic needs that we try to provide for all of our clients would include a winter coat, clothing, and shoes (as needed). Some of the larger items that our clients might need would include bedding, towels, small appliances, pots and pans, hygiene items, and gift cards for food/gas. If there is a baby or small child, they might need a car seat or portable crib.


Do you accept toys?

Yes, in addition to the basic needs, we love to provide new toys, books, jewelry, and other non-essential gifts to really help make their holiday special. 


Are there other ways to help?

Yes, we have families of all sizes and needs, but if adopting a family is not the right fit for you there are other ways to help including:

  • Donate Gas Cards, Gift Cards for Grocery/Restaurants, Monetary Donations,

  • Purchase an item off of our SOS Wish List

  • Buy chances in Kari's Christmas for Kids

  • Bring a hat, gloves, or scarf to a KVOE Mitten Drive Tree

  • Make a cash donation during the Neighborhood Toy Drive

Can I donate money instead of shopping for gifts myself?

You may also make a donation by mailing or dropping off a check made payable to SOS to 1420 C of E Drive, Suite 6, Emporia. Please write Holiday Drive in the memo field so we can be sure to use your donation towards our Holiday Drive.

I want to help! What is the next step?

If you are interested in adopting a family/individual or wish to donate money for gifts this holiday season- simply email with the details below or call us at 620-343-8799.


Your Name or Organization’s Name: _______________________

Contact Person: _______________________

Email Address: ________________________

Phone Number:  ______________________

Family Size:

  • Parent & _____ child/children

  • Children only: _____ child/children

  • Adult only: _____ adult/adults

  • Any other preferences can be listed here: _______________________


_______ I prefer not to select a family/individual, but I would still like to provide generic gifts, gifts cards, money, etc. for the SOS families/individuals that need help this holiday.


Thank you for helping our friends and neighbors in need this holiday!

For questions, please contact us at 620-343-8799 or by emailing

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