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SOS Wish List

Items for SOS Programs & Services

These items are used to help our clients heal and find enjoyment while getting help.

Gift Box

Gift Cards

Financial Support

Examples: Hair & Nail Salons, Restaurants, Groceries, Gas, Movie Passes, Family Activities like bowling or roller skating

Soaps and Oils


Bath & Beauty

Examples: Make-up, Toothbrush & Toothpaste for Children, Shampoo & Conditioner, Lotion, Deodorant


Donations allow us to purchase gifts that clients need but are not purchased by the community.



New Toys

Examples: New Toys & Games (Variety of Ages), Fidgets, AA and AAA Batteries



New Art Supplies

Examples: Colored Pencils & Coloring books (Adult & Child), Journals, Crayons, Highlighters, Paint, Crafts

Wrapping Papers

Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap Supplies

Examples: Wrapping Paper, Bows, Tape, Gift Tags

Shelter Wish List

  • XBOX, Wii, or Playstation

  • AA and AAA batteries

  • Highlighters

  • New coloring books with crayons/markers

  • Children's cold, flu, or pain medicine

  • Children's toothpaste

  • Baby bath supplies and baby lotions


Child Visitation and Exchange Center Wish List

  • Cornhole set

  • Outdoor basketballs (toddler, youth, or adult)

  • Outdoor toddler basketball hoop

  • Toss and Catch Games

  • AA and AAA batteries

  • Playdoh

  • Board games

  • Arts and crafts (coloring books, markers, crayons, washable paint, watercolor books)

  • Barbies/Dolls (all races/ethnicities/genders)

  • Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls

  • Sidewalk chalk

  • New or gently used books (infant to school aged) 

Other Wish List Items

  • Smart TV for Wellness Area

  • Medicine Ball

  • Small Hand Weights

Donations can be delivered during regular business hours at 1420 C of E Drive, Emporia, KS, 66801

Thank you so much for supporting our programs & clients!

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