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There are multiple ways that you can help to support our mission and help our clients.

Donation Items & Monetary Donations:


View our wishlist of items that would benefit SOS and our clients.

Use your fundraiser to support SOS:

We have lots of groups and organizations that fund-raise on behalf of SOS, Inc. we are very grateful for these partnerships and we will help to share your event with our social media followers. Please contact us if you are planning an event.

Join a rewards program to help support SOS, Inc:

Target Circle

We're participating in the Target Circle program! You can vote for us and help direct Target's giving to benefit SOS. For full program details and restrictions visit Target Circle


Dillon's Community Rewards

You can support SOS, Inc with no cost to you by logging in at, click Community Rewards, search for SOS, Inc, or enter code: GC260. Click enroll and you will support SOS every time you shop at Dillons. 

Learn more about Dillons Reward Program

Thrivent Choice

We are enrolled in Thrivent Choice. Go to the Thriven Choice website to learn more about Thrivent Choice and how you can financially support our organization. Anyone can donate using Thrivent’s online giving platform,* and eligible Thrivent clients can direct Choice Dollars®.

Holiday Drive:

SOS offers the community the opportunity to support a family by providing basic needs and gifts to families that have dealt with crises. Families or individuals are eligible if they have worked with SOS consistently within the last three months and do not qualify for assistance from the Salvation Army. SOS generally has between 50-100 people/families for adoption within the five counties SOS serves: Chase, Coffey, Lyon, Morris, and Osage.

We Need Your Support Today!

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