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SOS and Sheriff Educate About Online Safety

SOS and Chase County Sheriff's Office partnered to help kids stay safe online this holiday season. Students from the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades at Chase County Elementary School

interacted with Danielle Armitage, SOS Outreach Prevention Education Coordinator, and Sheriff Jacob Welsh, Chase County, as they shared information about online safety and cyberbullying. Sheriff Welsh also explained laws related to privacy and posting online.

This type of presentation is intended to educate children and help them stay safer online. There are several things that adults can consider before deciding if their child should be on social media or other online communities:

  • know age requirements

  • be familiar with social media services and explain them to the child

  • show the child how to use privacy settings to control what others see

  • encourage the child to respect others online and always think before posting

  • create an account and find out what information the child will encounter online

  • have an open conversation to make sure the child feels safe talking to you if they do have concerns

  • teach the child how to report inappropriate content and behavior

If you would like to partner with SOS to offer an educational program or if you would like SOS to come talk to your school or organization, please contact us. We offer a variety of educational programs appropriate for different ages and audiences.

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