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Reflecting on Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Rose petals dropped in remembrance.

In October SOS recognized Domestic Violence Awareness Month with a variety of events and programs to help share information on domestic violence and increase awareness of the problem of domestic violence in the community.

On October 4th members of the public were invited for a Reflection and Remembrance Ceremony to honor and remember those who have been affected, suffered, or lost their lives as a result of interpersonal violence. Attendees spoke about individuals who have lost their lives to domestic violence and spoke the names of those they have known who have suffered from domestic violence.

On October 19th SOS over 150 community members attended Domestic Violence Community Education and Prevention trainings. SOS staff presented on SOS programs, removing barriers, support and therapy, services and protection orders, and prevention. Lyon County Sheriff's Deputy Jim Baker presented on assessing lethality risks, and Batterer Intervention State Assessment Coordinator Jenn Horst presented on batterers' personalities.

Informational sessions were held on October 24th & 25th to present a new Spanish language video developed using a United for Racial Equity grant from the United Way of the Flint Hills. The video is part of outreach to local employers to encourage inclusion of SOS materials in onboarding or in training. For many individuals, work is the only safe place for them, and by making information available to employers, SOS empowers them to help their employees find help if they are experiencing sexual or domestic violence, stalking, or human trafficking. If you would like SOS to give a presentation for your organization, please contact or call 620-343-8799.

Information to raise awareness of the problem of domestic violence was shared throughout most of the month in the front window of the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce in downtown Emporia. A series of posts regarding domestic violence and how to support survivors and victims of domestic violence were also shared throughout the month on SOS social media.

Anyone who is experiencing domestic violence can contact the SOS helpline 24 hours a day at 1-800-825-1295 or by texting SOSKS to 847411.

Stay informed of what's happening at SOS!

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